Dream Tree Charter and Mission:

  • Relaxed, friendly atmosphere where aspiring musicians, ages 12 to 85, living in the Greater Portland, Oregon Metro Area can develop into singer-songwriters and recording artists

  • Services include both professional audio and video recordings in a studio environment or on location for solo artists, bands, vocal groups and students seeking audition tapes and college applications.

  • Special package options are not hourly-based, rather project-based, lowering the stress level of performing on demand. We’ll capture the winning sound or killer shot even if it requires a few takes.

  • Goal of the studio is not only to develop new artists, but to give experienced musicians a venue to work, earn money and mentor new artists while pursuing their own careers in music.

  • Emphasis is on song development in a fun, relaxed environment; studio includes an adjoining playroom with games and a small kitchen to relax and eat. A perfect area to burn off steam between takes or while other group members track in the Studio.

  • Dream Tree specializes in small group and individual artists while all genres of music are welcome: Americana, Folk, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rap, Indie Rock, Classical, etc.

Studio and Gear:

  • 600-square-foot, sonically-treated, live room studio with Pro Tools 2019.x, Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro all digital work station. Universal Audio, Apollo 8 Quad Digital Audio Interface with rack mount expansion Apollo 8 Duo provides 32 simultaneous inputs and 48 outputs.

  • The integrated Dangerous D-BOX Monitoring System provides near-field monitoring complete with sub-woofer, alternate mid-range speakers and analog summing.

  • Assortment of rich, harmonic pre-amps and outboard analog gear including: Universal Audio 4-710d, Warm Audio WA-412, Focusrite ISA Two, True Systems P-Solo, and Unison Pre-Amps on Apollo Platform. Pultec-style outboard EQ, optical and tube-based analog compressors (Distressor, WA-2A) as well as the Kemper Profiling Amplifier giving our clients an unlimited number of sounds and possibilities for their electric guitar and bass instruments.

  • Microphones include the revolutionary, Townsend Labs L22, Dual-Capsule, Large Diaphragm Modeling mic. The L22 is capable of faithfully emulating all the classic mics, like the Neumann U47 and U87. Dream Tree Studios also has the real Royer 121 Ribbon, Mojave MA-200 Tube, Neumann KM-184’s, Blue Blueberry, Sennheiser, AKG, Rode and Shure.

  • Four independent, 16 input, headphone monitoring and personal mixing system ensures all group members hear the perfect mix for playback and overdubbing.

  • Studio space offers an assortment of acoustic and electric instruments: Acoustically, we provide a 5-piece Gretsch 7-ply, compound maple drum kit, guitars (Breedlove, Guild), Martin Ukulele and Yamaha U3 upright piano. Electrically, we have e-guitars, basses, amps and a 88-key, weighted MIDI keyboard. All sounds for all people and styles of music.

What We Deliver:

  • Clients leave with professionally-recorded, iTunes-ready, mastered tracks plus multi-cam, music video, if desired.

  • A variety of digital services supported for delivery of large audio and video files including: Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive and Yes, physical CDs.

Tom Walker  - Founder, Engineer and Producer

Tom Walker - Founder, Engineer and Producer

Sarah Wolff  - Music Director, Videographer and Engineer

Sarah Wolff - Music Director, Videographer and Engineer

Bryan Daste  - Musician, Engineer, Mixer and Producer

Bryan Daste - Musician, Engineer, Mixer and Producer