Basic Hourly Recording/MIXING Rate - $45/hour

  • Recording includes audio engineer to facilitate recording process and operate the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

  • Mixing sessions can be attended (preferred) or mixed off-line after tracking sessions

Special Packages

singer-songwriter package - $450/Recorded, mixed and Mastered Song

  • Professional iTunes-Ready, CD-Quality, Audio Recording + Multi-Cam HD Video for Single Song

  • Audio includes independently-tracked lead and back-up vocals and single primary instrument (guitar, ukulele, piano, etc.)

  • Video includes full HD (1080p) three camera angle video edited and synched to audio recording in Final Cut Pro X


Dream Tree enhanced production - $525/Recorded, mixed and Mastered Song

  • Includes the Singer-Songwriter Package plus up to two additional instruments, bass and programmed drums

  • Enhanced Production designed to accommodate multi-instrument duos and trios with true multi-track needs or single artists who want to fill out their performance with additional instruments


Dream Tree Epic Production - $600/Recorded, mixed and Mastered Song

  • Includes the Dream Tree Enhanced Production above plus 10+ Channel Acoustic Drum kit multi-track recording

  • The Epic Production is designed for the polished, full-band presence and sound that a real drum kit brings to a production


adjustments & reductions

  • Karaoke-based backing track in place of real instrument(s) - Less $75 on Singer-Songwriter Package Only

  • Professional Audio Recording Only (No Video) - Less $75 on any given package above

  • Multi-song discounts also available - Inquire during booking


scholarships and need-based assistance

  • Dream Tree is pleased to announce 100% financed scholarships for exceptional youth with demonstrated musical abilities

  • Dream Tree also supports families in need with both partial and full financial assistance based on proven need